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It is our choices that show us who we truly are, far more than our abilities

Welcome to the new age of Wizardry. We belong to Valencia: the first and the only wizarding university established in the new world. America. Set in the present day, several years after the second fall of the Dark Lord, Valencia is an AU Harry Potter roleplay with skeleton bios and personalizable characters that is exists in the cannon world of Harry Potter but is independent from the storyline of the novels.

thestarkshelp - could be related

Audrey Tautou & Nora Zehetner


tip for rphs who make character psds:

when you are making the space for character’s first and last name, use these three names to check if it is okay: Lee Pace, Jeffrey Demunn and Benedict Cumberbatch.

with ‘Lee Pace’ you see how it looks with a very short name, with Jeffrey Demunn you see how it looks with letters of different sizes and with Benedict Cumberbatch you see how it looks with a long name.

don’t stop editing your psd’s typography before it looks okay with all three without having to do major editing. (change of kerning or max 10 px alterations of font size is usually okay, depending on your typography)

it really turns one off when they open a character psd and notice after doing half of them that a certain character’s name looks bad in it.

♞ Under the cut you will find 34 gifs of Nathalie Emmanuel from various interviews and clips out of both Hollyoaks and Misfits. All of them were made by me. Credit is not necessary but a like/or reblog would be appreciated. Please do not use these in gif hunts. Thank you.

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тнєѕтαякѕнєℓρ ƒανσυяιтє ƒα¢єѕ: nathalie emmanuel

  • Aged: 24
  • Known For: Game of Thrones, Hollyoaks
  • Ethnicity: Mixed Race
  • Gifs: [x] [x]
  • Could Be Related To: Jessica Sula (sisters/cousins)
  • Why I Love Them: This gal this just flawless. She’s a wonderful actress and could play anything from the bitch who couldn’t care less about what you think to the sweet and naive girl who’ll believe anything. I really hope her popularity picks her up and I see her around in the roleplay community more.

ally’s character graphic #018petrova; this is pretty simple, honestly. both fonts should be pre-installed into every computer and it’s just a .png image. download: here

Aww it feels good to be back

♞ Below the cut are # small to large HQ gifs of Karl Urban, as requested by anonymous. None of the gifs below are mind and should you want yours removed, don’t hesitate to message me. Please like/or reblog if this helped you.

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